About me

It is all about the light.

Photographer / Traveler

Miłosz Maślanka

Author of this blog is 32 yo man just in love with the word, travel and photography. While traveling the word I have discovered my passion for photography. Since then I am always in the run for perfect moment, scene and ideal photography. I truly believe in words of Henri Cartier-Bresson; to photograph means to hold your breath and channel all our skills against elusive reality. Good picture is always a reward for patience. In photography you need to stay humble against your objects whether it is nature, person, building or art. Sometimes it is waking up in the middle of the night to catch beautiful sunset or patiently waiting in the pouring rain for rays of sun to shoot breath-taking view. It is carrying the gear up to mountains, desserts and fields (or asking your wife to do it 🙂 ) but I am sure it is all worth of this one second of perfect shot. Later while looking at my pictures I am sure that photography is the biggest adventure of my life. I travel the word to see its beauty and I hope that thanks to this site you can admire this beauty with me through my pictures.